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Rae, Peggy

Ricci, Desi & Billy

Richards, Rhonda

Ridjaneck, George

Risko, Robert

"Roman Scandals" (Motion Picture)

Roventini, Johnny (Philip Morris mascot)


Sandrich, Jay

Sanford, Isabel

Schallert, William

Schiller, Bob

Schillner, John

Sedgewick, Ed

Shostak, Stuart

Simmons, Rick

Simmons, Ron

Singleton, Doris

Smith, Cleo

Sothern, Ann

Stern, Michael


Tannen, Lee

Teresi, Sam (Mayor of Jamestown, NY)

Thibodeaux, Keith

Thomas-Scott, Melody

Thompson, Maury

Thompson, Tommy

TV Guide (Magazine)

TV Radio-Life (Magazine)

Towner, Mark



Vail, Darrell

Vincent, Diane


Waldo, Janet

Wall, Roberta

  • (V) - Clip - Loving Lucy 2000 Banquet Show

Watson, Thomas J.

Weiskopf, Bob

Wessler, Ken

Whitney, Eve

Williams, Cara

"The Witches of Eastwick" (Original Cast Recording)

Wyman, Ric

"The Ed Wynn Show" (TV Series)

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"Yours, Mine & Ours" (Motion Picture - DVD)

Zamora, Pedro

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