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Amsel, Richard

Anderson, Larry

Andes, Keith

Appleby, Caroline

Arden, Eve

Arnaz, Desi

Arnaz, Desi Jr.

Arnaz, Lucie

Asher, William

Arthur, Beatrice


Ball, Lucille

Ball, Zo

Berle, Milton

Booth, Shirley

Borden, Marilyn

Borden, Marilyn & Roz

Bouche, Rene

Boyajian, Garret

Boyle, Dorothy S.

Brininger, Pat

Broad, Mike

Brock, Richard

Bunnell, Paul

Burns, George & Gracie Allen


CBS Eye (Corporate Logo)

"CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years" (TV Special)

"CBS: The First 50 Years"

Cahn, Dann

Cantor, Eddie

Carl, Rick

Carroll, Bob Jr.

Cervi, Ron

Charlow, Glen

Clark, Wanda

Color Television (Manual)

Cook, Carole

Crenna, Richard

Croft, Mary Jane


Davis, Madelyn (Pugh, Martin)

Davis, Rose

Denning, Richard

"Desilu Story, The" (Documentary)

Desilu Studios

Dolls ("Lucy" Related)

Dowell, May M.


Edwards, Elisabeth

Escarano, Alex

Evans, Ray


"Finding Lucy" (American Masters - Documentary)

  • (A/P) - Review - by Stuart Shostak

Frawley, William

Freund, Karl

Freeman, Kathleen


Garrett, Jimmy

General Service Studios

Genua, Joe

Gething, Sheree

Glaser, Allan

Golden, Bill

Goodman, Taylor

Gordon, Gale

Gorey, Frank

Gould, Sandra

Grant, Johnny (Mayor of Hollywood)


Hart, Ralph

Hayes, Helen

Hillman, David

Hirschfeld, Al

Hispanics in Hollywood

Hunter, Tab

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