"TV Guide"

(August 5 - 11, 1961)

There are so few William Frawley mementos available to us that it is hard not to cherish each and every one.

"TV Guide" featured Frawley on its cover the week of August 5, 1961. The Lucy-Desi days had been over for a year, and Bill had found new success as Grandpa "Bub" O'Casey on ABC's My Three Sons.

In the article, Frawley discusses his former cast members, starting with Lucy herself: "I love that girl. I've loved her since she was a star-struck chorus girl at RKO. I get along all right with Desi. As for Vivian, I don't know where she is now and she doesn't know where I am, and that's exactly the way I like it." The author of the article added, however, "Yet underneath there is the suspicion that if Vivian Vance ever needed a hand, Frawley would be the first one there."

This "TV Guide" shows up from time to time at swapmeets and flea-markets, usually priced in the $15-20 range.

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