"Kid Millions"


Two of Broadway's finest: Ethel Merman
and Eddie Cantor.

Cantor surrounded by Goldwyn Girls.
That's Lucy on his right!

Kid Millions

Directed by Roy Del Ruth; original screenplay, Arthur
Sheekman, Nat Perrin and Nunnally Johnson; music director,
Alfred Newman; dances staged by Seymour Felix; songs by
Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn, Burton Lane and Harold
Adamson, and Irving Berlin; photographer, Ray June; editor,
Stuart Heisler; assistant director, Walter Mayo; art
director, Richard Day; costumes, Omar Kiam. Technicolor
sequence directed by Willy Pogany; photographed by Ray
Rennahan. Running time, 90 minutes. Released by United
Artists. Premiere: Rivoli Theater, New York, 11/11/34.

Eddie Wilson, Jr., Eddie Cantor; Joan Larrabee, Ann Sothern;
Dot Clark, Ethel Merman; Gerald Lane, George Murphy; Ben
, Jesse Block; Fanya, Eve Sully; Colonel Larrabee, Burton
Churchill; Louis the Lug, Warren Hymer; Sheik Mulhulla,
Paul Harvey; Khoot, Otto Hoffman; Toots, Doris Davenport;
Herman, Edgar Kennedy; Oscar, Stanley Fields; Adolph, John
Kelly; Pop, Jack Kennedy; William Slade, Guy Usher; Stymie,
Mathew Beard; Pianists, Jacques Fray and Mario Braggiotto;
Specialty, Nicholas Brothers; AttorneyHenry Kolker; Tommy,
Tommy Bond; Leonard Kibrick; Steward, William Arnold;
Ship's Bartender, Harry C. Bradley; Colonel Witherspoon,
Clarnece Muse; Announcer, Sam Hayes.

The 1934 Goldwyn Girls:
Lucille Ball, Irene Bentley, Dudone Blumier, Mary-Jane Carey,
Lynne Carver, Doris Davenport, Mary Lou Dix, Bonnie Bannon,
Helen Ferguson, Gail Goodson, Jane Hamilton, Betty-Joy
Howard, Vivian Keiffer, Caryl Lincoln, Mary Lange, Janice
Jarratt, Ruth Moody, Barbara Pepper, Wanda Perry, Charlotte
Russell, Virginia Reed, Gwen Seager, Helen Wood.

Also in the cast:
Fred Warren, Edward Peil, Sr., Harry Ernst, Eddie Arden, Ed
Mortimer, Zack Williams, Everett Brown, Harrison Greene, Noble
Johnson, George Regas, Lon Poff, Constantine Romanoff, Ivan
Linlow, Lalo Encinas, Bud Fine, Leo Willis, Larry Fisher, Bob
Teeves, Malcolm Wiate, Steve Clemento, Art Mix, Silver Harr,
Bob Kortman, Robert Ellis, Bobby Jordan, Theodore Lorch,
Bobbie LaManche, John Dowd, Charles Hall, John Collum,
Wally Albright, Mickey Rentschler, Jacqueline Taylor,
Carmencita Johnson, Patricia Ann Rambeau, Ada Mae Bender,
Billy Seay.

"An Earful of Music" (Ethel Merman, Goldwyn Girls, Fray
and Braffiotti
"When My Ship Comes In" (Eddie Cantor)
"Your Head on My Shoulder" (Ann Sothern, George Murphy)
Reprise: "An Earful of Music" (Ethel Merman, Goldwyn Girls
"I Want to Be a Minstel Man" (Harold Nicholas, Goldwyn Girls)
"Mandy" (Eddie Cantor in blackface, Ethel Merman, Ann Sothern
George Murphy, Goldwyn Girls, Nicholas Brothers)
Reprise: "Your Head on My Shoulder" (George Murphy, Ann
Reprise: "Mandy" (Eddie Cantor, Ann Sothern, Ethel Merman)
Untitled dance (George Murphy, Eddie Cantor, Nicholas Brothers
Goldwyn Girls)
"Okay Toots" (Eddie Cantor, Goldwyn Girls)
"Ice Cream Fantasy" (Ethel Merman, children, Goldwyn Girls,
Eddie Cantor, Warren Hymer)
Finale: "When My Ship Comes In" (Eddie Cantor)

When Eddie Wilson Jr. inherits $77 million from the archaeologist father he never knew,
he sets out for Egypt to claim his fortune. Onboard ship, he finds he is not the only one
with a claim to the treasure. Song-plugger Dot Clark (Ethel Merman) pretends to be Eddie's
step-mother; and Colonel Larrabee (Berton Churchill) insists on a share for having once
financed Eddie's father's dig.

Larabee's neice, Joan (Ann Sothern), meanwhile, has a rocky romance with Jerry Lane
(George Murphy), who is in turn being chased by the lovesick Fanya (Eve Sully), the
daughter of a shiek. When Fanya's father learns that Eddie is heir to the man who stole his
families' treasure, he sentences Eddie to death.

Not to worry: Eddie escapes with the treasure, and returns to New York, where he is
reunited with his girlfriend, Toots. Hoping to put his new wealth to good use, he opens an
ice cream factory for the poor children in his neighborhood.

Struttin' their stuff: Cantor (in blackface) and four of the Goldwyn Girls pose on the
UA/Golwyn lot. Lucy is on Eddie's left.

The Goldwyn Girls in the "Ice Cream Fantasy"
production number.

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