In Loving Memory: Mark Towner (1963 - 2000)

Following are additional "Memories of Mark"
submitted by friends and acquaintances:


My name is Darshana and I just found your site a few weeks ago. I am a big fan of Lucille Ball, but unfortunately that was not the reason for my surfing your site. One night I had the sudden urge to try to look up Mark Towner on Yahoo, and to my surprise your site came up. It was a shock at first for me, but it was much needed. I guess I should explain: I knew Mark when he was younger. He was my elementary school teacher. I took a Mime and Improvisation class from him. He also substitute-taught for me a few times. He was my favorite teacher, and I have some fond memories of him. Little did I know of all the other great things he did! I never knew he was involved in your convention.

I found out about his death from my best friend and a former teacher who knew him. I really wanted a picture of him because I haven't seen him in about six years. I was unable to attend the memorial service because I was at school and couldn't come home for the weekend. I really appreciated your "In Loving Memory" page for him, and also the comments and stories shared by other people who knew him. It was nice to hear about the other side of Mark Towner that I did not know. My friend and I were having a hard time dealing with his death, but your site provided some closure for us...

Again, thank you for your kind words about Mark. Great job on the site, and keep up the good work!

Darshana Chetti


Just read about Mark Towner on your web site. My God, he was always so involved in the Lucy Convention. I remember when I first met him at a Lucy Fan gathering that was held at Bart Andrews' home in late 1983 or early '94. He told me all about his performing as a clown, and I really have thought of him every time I see a clown picture or painting.

I still see him after we had been in the audience for a Lucy guest appearance on a game show at CBS. He had Lucy sign his "First Lady of Comedy" Hirschfeld poster. "How are we going to do this?" Lucy asked. "On my back," Mark answered -- and he bent over for Lucy to use his back as a surface on which to sign the rather large poster.

He will be missed by all who enjoyed his involvement in the Lucy Conventions!

Michael Bernal

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