“I Love Jamestown”


A photo scrapbook by Jimmy Garrett


August 8-10, 2003 I had my first visit to Jamestown, New York during “Lucille Ball’s Birthday Celebration.” Jamestown is charming and the residents made me feel at home. No wonder that Miss Ball had fond memories of Jamestown. Special thanks go out to the staff of the Lucy-Desi Museum and especially the director, Ric Wyman. I would highly recommend a visit to the two annual festivals!


I had such a good time that I wanted to share it. I fancy myself a “shutterbug” and thought that it would be a nice thank you to Jamestown to post some of my snapshots. Tom Watson, president of the “We Love Lucy” was kind enough to publish them on the Lucyfan website. Thank you Tom!



Left to right: Tom Watson, Rick Simmons (one of the “original” Little Ricky’s), Richard Brock, Pat Brininger (museum marketing director), Wanda Clark, and Elisabeth Edwards. This picture is outside the museum annex just before we were immortalized in concrete for the new walk of fame. It was a thrill knowing that my footprints will be in Jamestown for many years to come. I think they were hiding the John Wayne footprints so that Wanda and I didn’t sneak away with them!



This is Tom Watson inspecting his handprints. It was fun catching Tom with his hands dirty!



Here is Frank Gorey, Lucy’s longtime major domo and friend, imprinting his hands.



This is the “Vitameatavegamin” (boy, I hope I spelled that right) mural at the corner of 4th and Spring Streets in downtown Jamestown.



This is Lucy impressionist Diane Vincent giving fans birthday hats during the mayoral proclamation at the Jamestown civic center.



l to r: Ric Wyman, director of the Lucy-Desi Museum, Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi, and “Lucy” during the Lucy birthday mayoral proclamation at the city plaza



This is Reg Lenna Civic Center marquee announcing Carole Cook’s appearance. The “Reg” was formerly The Palace Theater. It is a wonderful old vaudeville house.



It’s hard to see in this size picture, but the license plate on this Rolls Royce (parked directly across the street from the museum) reads: LUCYSRR. Note the wonderful brick street (many of the streets in Jamestown are still brick).



One of the three Lucy murals in downtown Jamestown, this one is located on the Jones Bakery. The third mural is of the Lucy stamp and is located on the Jamestown post office.



This is a snap of the scenic Chadakon River. This photo was taken at a peaceful little park just south of the railroad bridge near Main and 1st Streets.



I love these old buildings with the ivy climbing them. This is an alleyway off of 2nd Street.



Here is the sign commemorating the birthplace of Lucille Ball.



Obviously the museum, but I love the pictures of Lucy and Desi.



I know it has little to do with Lucy, but in my wanderings I found this spot where there were dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes hanging from the wires. From time to time I have seen shoes on wires, but never as many as this. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get all of them in the shot. I don’t know if it was an artistic statement or just boredom, but, in person, it was impressive.



I found this sign in front of a lovely old boarding house. I live in Los Angeles and we think we have some odd parking signs. The sign reads: No Parking /2am-7am /Odd Days /Oct-Mar /Odd Mos /Apr-Sept. The signs across the street were the “Even” signs but I opted for the Odd one.



I got a New York City feel from these restored townhouses.




This lighthouse is right on the edge of the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Celoron on Lake Chautauqua.



The staff at the gift shop was kind enough to let me take some pictures in the store. At the right is John Schillner, who helped Tom at the Lucy fan reunion held at the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Celoron. The shop has tons and tons of Lucy goodies.



With Rick Simmons is a fifteen-year-old Lucy fan who was brought by her grandparents as a birthday present. I wish I could remember her name, but she was wearing custom pants with Lucy picture patches that her Aunt had made. The photo was taken at Kaldi’s Coffee house (hey Tony, thank for the great eats!).



Left is Ron with Rick Simmons who played Little Ricky as an infant at the stage door of the Reg Lenna Theater.



This is an “arty” shot I took in the dressing room I shared with the Simmons twins. In the mirror is Ron Simmons. Inside the “Reg” you could almost smell the grease paint.



Here is our dressing room door; it’s great to be a star for a little while!



Sunday, Wanda Clark and I took the Lucytown Tour. This is Wanda in front of Lucy’s childhood home in Celoron. The couple that now live in the home are big Lucy fans and were amazingly warm and friendly to all the folks taking the tour. They came out to greet us and I thought for a moment they might invite us all in.



This is Raina Montroy our tour guide. She is posing by an “I Love Lucy” heart that the owners of Lucy’s Celoron home display during the festivals.



This is the Hunt family plot where Miss Ball is now buried near Grandpa Hunt.



These are a couple of entries in the Lucy birthday cake bake-off. They were beautiful, creative…and tasty!



I thought I would close the photo album with a nice twilight shot taken at Bemis Point on the lake our last night in Jamestown.


I’d like to again thank Ric Wyman and all the citizens of Jamestown for a wonderful visit. Hope to see you all again soon!


I would also like to thank Tom Watson for hosting my pictorial love letter to Jamestown.


If you have any questions or comments about the photos, please contact Jimmy Garrett at:



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