"The Lucy Show:
The Official First Season"

(CBS/Paramount #89440)


Set includes all 30 episodes from THE LUCY SHOW's 1962-63 season. Lucy stars as recently widowed Lucy Carmichael, who shares her suburban New York home with recently divorced Vivian Bagley (Vivian Vance). They grapple, as only they can, with the comedic complications of raising children. balancing the budget and surviving without a man around the house. Candy Moore and Jimmy Garrett play Lucy's two children; Ralph Hart plays Vivian's young son.


Episodes include:

  • "Lucy Waits Up for Chris" (premiere)
  • "Lucy Digs Up a Date"
  • "Lucy is a Referee"
  • "Lucy Misplaces $2000"
  • "Lucy Buys a Sheep"
  • "Lucy Becomes an Astronaut"
  • "Lucy is a Kangaroo for a Day"

  • "Lucy the Music Lover"
  • "Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna"
  • "Vivian Sues Lucy"
  • "Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room"
  • "Lucy and Her Electric Mattress"
  • "Together for Christmas"
  • "Chris's New Year's Eve Party"
  • "Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit"

  • "Lucy and Viv Are Volunteer Firemen"
  • "Lucy Becomes a Reporter"
  • "Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower"
  • "Lucy's Barbershop Quartet"
  • "Lucy and Viv Become Tycoons"
  • "No More Double Dates"
  • "Lucy and Viv Learn Judo"
  • "Lucy is a Soda Jerk"

  • "Lucy Drives a Dump Truck
  • "Lucy Visits the White House"
  • "Lucy and Viv Take Up Chemistry"
  • "Lucy is a Chaperone"
  • "Lucy and the Little League"
  • "Lucy and the Runaway Butterfly"
  • "Lucy Buys a Boat"


  • "Let's Talk to Lucie" (Interview with Lucie Arnaz)
  • "Let's Talk to Jimmy" (Interview with Jimmy Garrett)
  • "Collecting the Memories" ("The Lucy Show" Collectibles)

  • Special "Message from CBS DVD"

  • Original Cast Commercials
  • Original Program Openings and Closings

  • Scenes from "Opening Night" (CBS Special)
  • Scenes from "Seven Wonderful Nights" (CBS Preview Special)
  • CBS Promos for "The Lucy Show" and "Fair Exchange"

  • Flubs, Cast Biographies and Production Notes


2009 - (c) CBS Studios, Inc.


  • The second of the two "Opening Night" clips (photo, right) was a "recreation" of sorts of the "heavy headdress" scene from "Lucy Gets in Pictures," a 1955 episode of I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball and Lou Krugman recreate the scene, almost word for word.

  • Lucie Arnaz and Jimmy Garrett are interviewed by writer and Hollywood-historian Tony Maietta. Tony is co-author (with Jeffrey Vance) of "Douglas Fairbanks" (University of California Press, 2009).

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