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  • "Laughs, Luck & Lucy"
    by Jess Oppenheimer and Gregg Oppenheimer

  • "Life After Lucy"
    by Keith Thibodeaux with Audrey Hingley

  • "Lucy in the Afternoon"
    by Jim Brochu


  • "Ball of Fire: The Tumultuous Life & Comic Art of Lucille Ball"
    by Stefan Kanter

  • "Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz"
    by Coyne Steven Sanders and Tom Gilbert

  • "Lucille: The Life of Lucille Ball"
    by Kathleen Brady

  • "Lucy & Desi: The Legendary Love Story..."
    by Warren G. Harris

  • "Lucy: The Real Life of Lucille Ball"
    by Charles Higham

  • "The Lucille Ball Story"
    by James Gregory

  • "Lucy: The Bittersweet Life of Lucille Ball"
    (reissued as "Forever Lucy: The Bittersweet Life...")
    by Joe Morella & Edward Z. Epstein

  • "The Real Story of Lucille Ball"
    by Eleanor Harris

  • "Laugh with Lucy: The Story of Lucille Ball"
    by Joel H. Cohen

  • "Lucille Ball: Pioneer of Comedy"
    by Katherine E. Krohn

  • "The Other Size of Ethel Mertz: The Life Story of Vivian Vance"
    by Frank Castelluccio and Alvin Walker

  • "Meet the Mertzes"
    by Rob Edelman and Audrey Kupferberg

Photo Studies

  • "Lucy at the Movies"
    by Cindy De La Hoz

  • "Lucy & Desi: A Real-Life Scrapbook of America's Favorite TV Couple"
    by Elisabeth Edwards

  • "I Love Lucy: Celebrating 50 Years of Love and Laughter"
    by Elisabeth Edwards

  • "I Love Lucy: The Classic Moments"
    by Tom Watson

  • "I Love Lucy: Complete Picture History..."
    by Michael McClay

  • "Loving Lucy: An Illustrated Tribute to Lucille Ball"
    by Bart Andrews & Thomas J. Watson

  • "Lucy!"
    by Annie McGarry

  • "Lucy: A Life in Pictures"
    by Tim Frew

TV History/Information

  • "The 'I Love Lucy' Book"
    (Rewrite of "Lucy & Ricky & Fred & Ethel")
    by Bart Andrews

  • "The Lucy Book: Complete Guide to Her 5 Decades on TV"
    by Geoffrey Mark Fidelman

  • "Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia" (Third Edition)
    by Michael Karol

  • "Lucy A to Z"
    by Michael Karol

  • "The TV Addict's Handbook"
    by Bart Andrews

  • "Lucy & Ricky & Fred & Ethel: The Story of 'I Love Lucy'"
    by Bart Andrews

Trivia & Activity Books

  • "The Official 'I Love Lucy' Paper Dolls"
    by Allan Glaser; Illustrated by Rick Carl

  • "The 'I Love Lucy' Book of Trivia"
    by Ric B. Wyman

  • "The Quotable 'I Love Lucy'"
    by Tom Watson

  • "Color Me Lucy"
    by Tom Watson

  • "The 'I Love Lucy' Guide to Life"
    by Lucie Arnaz & Elisabeth Edwards

  • "The 'I Love Lucy' Cookbook"
    by Sarah Key, Vicki Wells & Jennifer Newman Brazil

  • "The 'I Love Lucy' Quiz Book"
    by Bart Andrews


  • "For the Love of Lucy: Complete Guide for Collectors & Fans"
    by Ric B. Wyman

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