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RICKY: Okay, Lucy, let's have those sausages. I'm hungry!

LUCY: Who said anything about sausages?

RICKY: You did!

LUCY: I did not. I said links!

RICKY: Same thing... Links, sausages...sausages, links... I could eat a plate full.

LUCY: Not breakfast links, Ricky, computer links!

RICKY: Computers eat sausages?

LUCY: No, silly. Computer links transport you to another web site. Look at all these wonderful places... There are sites for shopping, sites for information, sites for for entertainment...

RICKY: And they are all just a click away?

LUCY: That's right!

RICKY: Well, what do you know! I guess if our computer can have a "mouse," it can also have "sausages."

LUCY: Not sausages, Ricky, links!

RICKY: And people say Spanish is a crazy language!

Some sausages that you might enjoy...

Join The Lucy-Desi Museum --
dedicated to keeping alive the memory,
celebrating the legacy, and preserving the personal effects and professional works of
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Visit:


Visit The Official Lucie Arnaz Homepage
...a fan web site dedicated to Lucie Arnaz,
created and maintained by a loving fan
in Brisbane, Australia. Site includes great
photos and all the latest news about Lucie.

The Official "Ricci, Desi & Billy" Homepage
...a web site created and maintained by Desi,
Ricci Martin and Billy Hinsche. Site includes
latest information about the group's CDs
and concert appearances.

The Gale Gordon Archive
a web-site dedicated to the life and career of Gale Gordon.

Lucy in London
a web-site devoted to Lucy's 1966 special. Site created and hosted in the UK by Lucy fan David Hillman.

...a web site created and hosted by Gregg Oppenheimer,
(co-author of "Laughs, Luck & Lucy"), and featuring
the latest news about "I Love Lucy" books and DVDs.
(You can purchase them here, too!)

She's Suzanne LaRusch --
the lady with Lucy's face.
Find out all about her unque talents at:


Other Star Sites Worth a Visit...
Red Skelton Bob Hope
Jack Benny (fan club) Eddie Cantor
Barbra Streisand Groucho Marx
Lorna Luft  

Auctions & Retail Outlets
e-bay (General) e-bay (Lucy items)
Footlight Records (NYC) Amazon.com
Barnes & Noble Bookstores Musical Theatre Memorabilia (UK)
Critics Choice Video The Video Collection
Collectors' Choice Music Deep Discount DVD
Radio Spirits Radio Showcase
Samuel French Bookstore The Drama Book Shop
Scarecrow Press, Inc. McFarland Performing Arts Books
Warner Bros. Shop (Studio Store)  


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