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"I Loved Lucy:
My Friendship with Lucille Ball"
by Lee Tannen

Included in Lee's book will not only be his wonderful stories about Lucy, but also snapshots of him and Lucy on their various adventures together.

Here, by the way, are photos of Lee with Lucy's Chrysler LeBaron, which he purchased from the estate after her death. Lucy often loaned Lee the use of the car when he was in town visiting, and it having it as a "keepsake" was extra-special for Lee.

Yes -- in case you are wondering, the car is still in fine working condition. (These photos were taken in February, 2001.) Lee reports that the expensive Mark Cross leather seats are still intact, and the monogram "M" (for Morton) is still on the door, but the car needs some exterior de-rusting and interior restoration. It is still a fabulous collector's item!

Photo below is a recent shot taken at 211 East 70th Street -- the building in which Lucy's New York apartment was located.

Photos courtesty Thomas W. Wells


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