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The 'I Love Lucy' Book of Trivia.
By Ric B. Wyman;
Foreword by Desi Arnaz Jr.
Friedman/Fairfax Books ($14.95)

For years, Lucyfans have clamored for an I Love Lucy-themed trivia book. TV historian Bart Andrews wrote one twenty years ago ("The 'I Love Lucy' Quiz Book"), only to have the publisher go out of business shortly after the first printing. Copies of the highly-prized book have sold on the secondary market for as much as $100.

Happily, Ric B. Wyman has come to the rescue with this new "Book of Trivia," designed to test the reader's knowledge about "the little details" included in the I Love Lucy series. Sample questions include:

  • Who is the first star Lucy spots in Hollywood?
  • What is the first name of Ricky's harp player?
  • Ethel once worked in a diner in which Midwestern city?
  • How old was Ethel when she married Fred?

You get the idea... Many of these questions are "fill the blank," but some are multiple choice. (I like those better because at least I know the answer has to be one of the alternatives listed!) There are also crossword puzzles, lists to match, and photos to identify.

Speaking of photos, Wyman has included one or more photos on each two-page spread -- and many of them are pictures we have never seen before.

If you love Lucy and love to test your knowledge -- and that of your friends -- you will love this new paperbound book from Friedman/Fairfax.

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