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New Song to Benefit Towers Fund

Lucie Arnaz has announced that she is releasing a new song, "Heaven Knows," the proceeds from the sales of which will benefit the World Trade Center Twin Towers Fund. Following is the formal statement issued to the press on November 6th:

To Our Fellow Americans,

Like so many of my friends and peers recently, I have felt somewhat powerless and ineffectual in finding way to personally try to help right the wrongs of the September 11th tragedy.

But, my father always said: "If you don't know what to do, don't do anything!" And I believe what he meant by that was that, sometimes if you wait a little bit, another part of the puzzle will fall into place and you WILL know what to do. Well, sure enough, I just waited and eventually began to turn toward my own strengths and it became clear that one thing we, as entertainers, CAN do is to try to inspire change and more positive thought with the right material.

To that effect, I remembered a song that had been written for me by Ron Abel and Chuck Steffan ten years ago during the Gulf War. Ron, who is a gifted composer, has been my close friend and musical director for over 13 years and he and his partner, Chuck, (one of the finest lyricists I know), had been feeling much the same way I did and, as fate would have it, had decided, that very day, to take another look at that same song! It was actually sitting on Ron's piano the evening we met and discussed this out in Los Angeles. We sang it through once and knew.

Now, (as fate would also have it) I was only to be in Los Angeles a couple more days to finish editing the I LOVE LUCY 50th Anniversary Special you've all heard about on November 11th, but, we all agreed to try to pull a first class recording session together before I had to leave.

In 20 minutes Ron had booked his favorite studio, the best musicians we know and gotten instant commitments from a choir of some of the most glorious voices in this business and two days later we recorded HEAVEN KNOWS.

Everyone worked for free (even the musicians!!!!!!!) and Ron Abel and Chuck Steffan are donating any and all proceeds from the sale and or airplay of this song to Mayor Guillani's TWIN TOWERS FUND here in New York City. The proceeds of the TWIN TOWERS FUND go to support the families of any uniformed officers killed in the September 11th attack, whether they be firefighters, police or city officials.

Ron and Chuck and I, and everyone involved in HEAVEN KNOWS, look forward to your "playing our song!" and in turn helping us to help these very deserving families. We wish you all a safe, happy and peace-filled holiday season surrounded by those you love.

Very Sincerely,

Lucie Arnaz

For those unfamiliar with the Twin Towers Fund:

The purpose of The TWIN TOWERS FUND is to "assist, support and recognize the families of the members of the uniformed services of New York City Fire Department and its Emergency Medical Services Command, The New York City Police Department, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, The New York State Office of Court Administration and other government personnel who lost their lives or were injured because of the tragedies of September 11, 2001 at The World Trade Center in New York City. If resources permit, the families of other persons who lost their lives or were injured during the tragedies may also be included as beneficiaries."

Contact Information for THE TWIN TOWERS FUND --

The Twin Towers Fund
The General Post Office
P.O. Box 26999
NY, NY 10087-6999

Photo by Mark Ragonese.

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