Studio Facilities

Desilu Culver Studios


During its heyday, Desilu Productions owned one of the largest
and most complete studio facilities in the world for the production
of television, motion piucture, industrial and commercial films.

Between 1957 and 1967, it was the only film producer in the
industry that operated and maintained three separate studios, --
Desilu Gower, Desilu Culver, and Desilu Cahuenga -- each
possessing certain distinct physical features designed to meet
every possible production requirement.

The three studios included a total of 36 soundstages and 500
offices situated on 63 acres of land, with building and stage space
comprising approximately 1.2 million square feet.

Normal personnel consisted of approximately 400 employees, with
this figure rising to 1,800 at maximum production level. With the
exception of regular staff members, Desilu engaged most of its
creative, artistic and production personnel on a show-by-show
basis when necessary. However, because of Desilu's long-standing
industry-wide record of fine labor-management standards, it
consistently drew to its productions the cream of Hollywood's
creative and production talent.

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