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The October issue of Emmy magazine, published by the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences, is labeled a "Writers Special," and includes stories about various creative artists who are writing modern day television. There are also articles about Sid Caesar's writing staff on the classic Your Show of Shows series (and a reprint from a 1952 script).

Lucyfans will enjoy an article in their Foundation Archive section, printed here to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of I Love Lucy. The article pulls quotes from interviews conducted with I Love Lucy writers Bob Carroll and Madelyn Davis (by Tom Gilbert) and Bob Weiskopf and Bob Schiller (by Karen Herman) about writing for what has become television's quintessential situation comedy.

A sample quote, from Madelyn Davis, when asked, "How closely did the cast adhere to the script?"

"Very close. We wrote out Lucy's physical things. We called it 'black stuff,' and they were big paragraphs (of type). This doesn't mean she didn't add to it or maybe do something else, but we didn't say, 'Lucy puts on a hat, does something funny.' Everything was written out. Of course, then what she did with it was brilliant. But she had to have that blueprint to know where she was going."

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