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Yes, Ricci Martin, Desi Arnaz and Billy Hinsche have formed a new band -- one that is inspired by the famous "Dino, Desi & Billy" group of the 1960s, yet determined to create new sounds for the new millenium.

The three are life-long friends, having grown up together in Beverly Hills. Their common bond has always been the music they love to make. Ricci, son of Dean Martin and younger brother to Dino Martin, is the piano player and vocalist for the new group; Billy, as always, plays lead guitar; and Desi, like his father, Desi Sr., plays drums.

The group first came together unofficially a couple of years ago, when Desi and Billy performed a number at a benefit for the late Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys. Ricci also performed that night, and after the show the three started to reminisce about old times, and to kick around ideas for numbers they might do together.

In November, 1999, the threesome performed as a group for the first time in public at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, where they appeared as the opening act for Al Jardine's Beach Boys Family & Friends. A recording was made of their show, resulting in a brand new CD -- "Live in Vegas!" Included on the 25-minute recording are familiar "Dino, Desi & Billy" hits (like "I'm a Fool"), as well as some new songs. The group is currently preparing a follow-up release, "My Old Friend, Now and Then," which will feature 10 new original songs from all three artists, as well as 5 previously unreleased tracks from the "Dino, Desi & Billy" archives.

For complete information about "Ricci, Desi & Billy," their concerts and their CDs, visit their new web site at

Cover Photo by Andy Cattoir
Used with permission of Desi Arnaz Jr.

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Desi, of course, has been a drummer almost since birth, thanks in part to his father's affection for the drum... Here are a few photos from the past we thought you might enjoy:

Desi at a very early age, discovers the congas...

Desi often appeared in the musical warm-up show at Desilu Studios on Thursday nights before a filming of "The Lucy Show." (As a matter of fact, "Dino, Desi & Billy" first appeared as a group in those warm-ups.) Here he is in 1962 -- look at his young hands fly...

"Dino, Desi & Billy" made their on-camera television debut on ABC's Hollywood Palace variety series in November, 1965, followed very quickly by an appearance on Dino's dad's show on NBC...

The original group stopped performing in the late 1960s, and Dino was later killed in a plane crash while flying for the California National Guard. Desi, however, never lost his affection for the group or his love of the drums.

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