Papa Loves Mambo (?)

This album was obviously titled by a marketing expert at RCA Victor who wanted to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the book and movie, "The Mambo Kings," which includes a fictionalized reference to "I Love Lucy" and Desi Arnaz. In real life, while Desi may have been able to mambo with the best of them, he was known as the King of the Conga, yet another Latin American dance.

Be that as it may, this very welcome CD includes some of Desi's best known songs, everything from "Babalu" to "Cuban Pete" to "The Straw Hat Song." Also here are "Guadalajara," "You Can in Yucatan" and "A Rainy Night in Rio."

Also on this disc are the previously unreleased "Holiday in Havana" and "I Come From New York." There are 16 selections in all.

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