They Called Him Cuban Pete

He was born in Cuba and found fame and fortune in the USA -- but this exciting 23-number CD saluting Desi Arnaz was made in the Czech Republic, produced by a company in Portugal and distributed by a company in England. But Desi Arnaz is recognized as a musical star the world over, so what the hay...

Included on this CD are numbers originally recorded by Arnaz between 1937 and 1946, and include five numbers featuring the Xavier Cugat orchestra. For the rest, he is backed by his own group. The selections are all very Latin -- virtually NONE of the playful "Anglo numbers" (like "Straw Hat Song") that Desi would later recreate on "I Love Lucy." Think of this a Desi without Lu, doing numbers with titles like "Echa un pie," "Vereda tropical," "Tabu," "La borrachita," and, of course, "Babalu."

The CD can be purchased at most records stores, or on line at:

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